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Rebecca Porwit, traductora jurídica y financiera - Español, inglés y estonio

Working with a freelance translator: what to expect

Each translator has their own unique experience level, voice, style and toolkit. This means that no two translations will be alike. And this isn’t a bad thing: we need diversity. Different voices and perspectives make any field richer, more interesting, valuable and resilient. The beauty of translation is that a

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¿Qué necesita un (buen) traductor jurídico?

What does a (good) legal translator need?

Law is a vast and complex field. Legal language (often referred to as “legalese”) can be convoluted and obscure, full of archaic turns of phrase, specialised terminology, acronyms, abbreviations, set phrases, Latinisms, doublets and triplets… Not only that – legal texts are important because they directly affect the rights and duties

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